These are the bodies responsible for serving the special needs of critical societal groupings.

Christian Education
Catering to the needs of children as young as one, all the way up to our “forever young” senior citizens.

Specially designed to minister to youth from 12-40.

This ministry seeks to strengthen all those who are willing to stand and be examples of biblical manhood, and provide opportunities for service.

The population of our churches comprises a large number of women and they are often at the forefront of various much-needed ministries. This department is just for them.

Family Life Services
The family is under seige today. This ministry will assist husbands, wives, parents and children, and every other type of family relation to function as God intended.

Social Response
In spite of our riches as a nation, many are suffering and in dire need. The Social Response ministry will extend the love that Jesus commanded us to.

A ministry that has historically helped to form strong character in many. Its rejuvenation will continue that legacy for this generation.