The department shall embrace all areas of ministry with which men are involved in the local churches within the District.


a).   To promote the spiritual life of men in the district.

b).   To provide opportunities for men to worship and have fellowship together.

c).   To provide training for men which will result in their development.

d).   To cater for the mental, physical, spiritual and sociological development of men.

e).   Deal with issues facing men today, offer solutions.

f).   To motivate and mobilize men to Christian maturity by teaching, training and leading them in ways and means of applying their faith in the Assembly, community.

g).   To empower men to disciple other men through training.

h).   To empower men to fulfill their purpose, through Missions and Evangelism.

i).   To foster and provide a means of Fellowship and friendship for men.

j).   To empower men to mentor young men and boys.


a).   To win men for Christ.

b).   To encourage men to become leaders in the local church.

c).   To foster Christian Fellowship and to enlist, organize and utilize our men in active Christian service.

d).   To promote and participate in the Missions programs.

e).   To mentor young men and boys of the Assembly.

f).   To organize and promote benevolent programs as aid to the poor, elderly etc.

g).   To co-operate with the Pastor in maintaining the building and equipment in the church.