Youths in all local Assemblies of the District shall constitute the members of the youth department. This includes people who are between the ages of twelve years and forty years.


a).   To cater for the mental, physical, spiritual and sociological development of young people.

b).   Address our message to all youths and associations in our society.

c).   To motivate and mobilize youths to Christian maturity by teaching, training and leading them in ways and means of applying their faith in the Assembly, community and country.

d).   To address youth problems, giving sound realistic solutions.

e).   To empower youths to fulfill their purpose.

f).   To foster and provide a means of Fellowship and friendship for youths.


a).   Evangelize the community and win youths for Christ.

b).   Teach the Word of God and establish and instruct youths in Christian living.

c).   Provide training for Christian service and to help every youth develop his full potential and find his place in ministry.

d).   Help youths to deepen their commitment to Christ and serve the Lord in areas of missions.

e).   Provide Christian fellowship and friendship for youths.

f).   To strengthen the causes of youths, by empowering them through training, seminars and camps, retreats, etc.

g).   To teach youths to disciple other youths.

h).   To prepare youths for leadership, ministry.

i).   To encourage and assist the development of local youth programs.