Public School Ministries


The Public School Ministry exists to provide religious instruction in primary and secondary schools. As Coordinator Rev. Cynthia Jack has stated, this ministry is becoming more and more challenging and demanding as it seeks to make the gospel message relevant to the lives of children and youth. Thankfully, there are a group of labourers ready and willing to work regardless of adverse conditions.

While our school evangelists continue to provide yeoman service, they are faced with the challenge of sourcing their own material to conduct classes. The Seedlings program from Seeds International has provided materials that are currently in use in both primary and secondary schools, even though the Seedlings curriculum is designed ideally for Standard 3 classes. Many junior secondary school students do not have a proper foundation in the Word so the material is useful.

For various reasons, some workers are required to perform double duty at times. Still, some classes were unable to be serviced for almost an entire term. There is therefore a great need for more teachers, and for financial support for those who are willing to serve but may lack the finances to travel to classes. Pastors and members are urged to do all that they can to support this vital, growing ministry. Testimonies have proven that this ministry is making a difference in lives at our schools, where it often seems that there has been a severe breakdown in values.

Training sessions have been held for school evangelists at various forums (including the All-in-One Seminars) and these will continue. Prayers must be continually lifted that this door of opportunity for the gospel of Jesus Christ to reach young lives, will continue to be open.