Mission | Vision | Values

“The North East Trinidad District of P.A.W.I., a biblically-based, non-profit organization, exists to empower our leaders to establish churches, extend the Kingdom, and be expressions of God’s love and saving grace to the glory of God.”

“The North-East Trinidad District of P.A.W.I. will maintain a vibrant and cohesive community of empowered believers establishing churches, extending the Kingdom and exalting the Lordship of Christ.”

Core Values
Principles we are not prepared to negotiate and which influence our decision making:

    Being God-centered.
    Being Scripture-based.
    Being Ministry-minded.
    Being Celebration-oriented.
    Being Culturally-relevant.
    Being Community-focused.
    Being Globally-conscious.
    Prevailing Prayer/Intercession.


    1) To create a learning community;
    2) To cultivate a healthy community;
    3) To provide mechanisms that provide a culture for growth – suggestions for bequeathments to be included, missions, continuing education;
    4) To promote and facilitate culturally relevant response programs – request to include the establishment of a retirement home;
    5) To integrate prayer into the life and ministry of the District;
    6) To ensure proper management and accountability within the District.