The department shall embrace all areas of ministry with which women are involved in the local churches within the District.


a).   To cater for the mental, physical, spiritual and sociological development of women.

b).   Deal with issues facing women today.

c).   To motivate and mobilize women to Christian maturity by teaching, training and leading them in ways and means of applying their faith in the Assembly, community.

d).   To empower women to disciple other women through training.

e).   To empower women to fulfill their purpose.

f).   To foster and provide a means of Fellowship and friendship for women.


a).   Evangelize the community and win women for Christ.

b).   Teach the Word of God and establish and instruct women in Christian living.

c).   Provide training for Christian service and to help every woman develop her full potential and find her place in ministry.

d).   Help women to deepen their commitment to Christ and serve the Lord in areas of missions.

e).   Provide Christian fellowship and friendship for women.

f).   To strengthen the causes of women, by empowering them through training, seminars and camps, retreats, etc.

g).   To teach women to disciple other women.

h).   To prepare women for leadership, ministry.

j).   Help women deal with issues facing women today.

k).   Prepare women to assume their roles in the home, church, society.