Arouca Pentecostal

Reverend Albert Gray.

Arouca Pentecostal church – dependant. The church was started in 1925 by Reverend R. J. Jamieson, a Canadian Missionary. The Work was started in the Olive Society Hall in Arouca. They moved to Francis Street. The El Dorado and Curepe churches are, originally, branches from Arouca.

Rev. R. J. Jameson
Sis. Miller
Sis. Browne
Sis. Rawlins
Pastor La Fleur
Pastor Marshall
Pastor Sandy
Sis. Clara Siemens
Pastor Barcus
Pastor Leslie Jordan – (10 pastors) 1925 to 1956
Rev. Oswald Jackman – 1956 to 1979
Rev. Simon Peter – 1979 to 1981
Pastor Batalal Mahabir – 1981 to 1982
Rev. Cecil Fritz – 1982 to 1990
Rev. Raymond Boca – 1990 to 1991
Pastor Roland Hope – 1995 to 2010
Rev. Cynthia Jack – 2010
Rev. Shirley Samples – 2010 to 2012
Rev. Albert Gray – 2012 to Present

During 1992 to 1995 the Arouca Pentecostal Church became a branch of the Curepe church.

Contact Info:Francis Street,
Sunday Service – 9:30am